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 New here.

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PostSubject: New here.   Thu Jun 12, 2014 9:16 pm

Hey everyone, Dan here aka ikeelyouhaha aka KCCOChiver1.

I stumbled across this site/clan, in search of a good clan. I have gone through most everything on this site. Still have a few more places to stop by and read. I have been looking for a clan for some time now, I can never find one that is "real" and not just people who pubstompt. I'm 27 and have a full time job and a 2 year old daughter. But I do my fair share of gaming mostly at night after she goes to bed. The reason for the two accounts on PSN is, ikeelyouhaha is my main name for BF and BO1 and 2. I use KCCOChiver1 just for MW3. I am new to MW3 (late i know) but I have fallen inlove with it. All I mostly do is snipe/quickscope, keeping my KD above 1.2 is my new challange. Anyway enough rambling. I would like a shot with this clan. One bad thing might be, I do not like doing try outs. My clips and games in my vault and theater should be proof enough. If not I understand. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope to play with you guy's soon.

Happy gaming
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PostSubject: Re: New here.   Fri Jun 13, 2014 9:40 am

Hi Prime! Glad ya found us, let me give ya a little bit of info and ask you a question. First off here at sNc we have As family vibe, were not a group of video game mercenaries who are just together to increase our stats and play Comp. We use our Forums to talk about pretty much everything, from the games we focus on to sports, movies, he'll even DYI help. We try and  steer clear of politics and religion, but we do have a section for serious discussions. We have close to 50 active BF4 players give or take, I'm not sure how many COD guys we have because I don't play it. So if what I described about interests you we be happy to have ya, you just need to fill out a application for the gaming group you'd like to join. You mentioned your not big in initiation, ours is a two week process were we're really just trying to determine if you'll fit in here and what type of player and person you are. We can't auto accept ya based on you highlight real, however impressive it maybe. I hope you put in a app for one of the gaming groups and go through the process, if not good luck on your long journey finding a clan! It is a important decision, well at least as far as gaming goes lol, again either way good luck!
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New here.
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