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 SuicidalChair Yall

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PostSubject: SuicidalChair Yall   Mon Jun 23, 2014 5:27 pm

I go by Morgan, or in teamspeak they usually call me simply "chair" but my gamertags all say SuicidalChair.

"Hey, howd you get such a random name?"

Good question person who doesn't exist, I simply took a adjective and a noun and smooshed them together, I had a list of random ones and that one just rolled off the tongue the most.

About me:

Age: 22
Sex: Male, and I'm engaged so also yes
Occupation: I work for a NDT (non-destructive testing) company as a Computer Network Admin and I also do helpdesk support when needed (If I like you, I will fix your computer for free)

I have joined the sick community to find a group of bros to game with on PC.
I have started playing 7 days to die, and the more I play the more I am looking for the perfect group.

I want that simulation feel to it, not call of duties with ai zombies added in, but an actual economy growing with people trading and there actually being bandits etc.
Its an awesome game and I'd love to join you guys in playing it.

I don't own a playstation, I did but I sold it.
I have an Xboxone, same gamertag for everything, SuicidalChair

Looking forward to getting to know you guys and hopefully I'll see some of you in 7d2d
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PostSubject: Re: SuicidalChair Yall   Mon Jun 23, 2014 5:50 pm

Hi glad to see the enthiusiasm.
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SuicidalChair Yall
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